Ultimate generation of Web Map Display platform offers dramatically improved performance in the known working environment, without any plug-in or kernel needed. Displaying multiple information and visualization layers, such as AIS target display, ECDIS, areal photo, web maps works faster than ever. Drawing, scrolling, zooming, panning, including interrogation of map/chart elements, AIS vessel and AtoN targets, sensor data, works practically instantly.
Performance testing of the KWMS have shown that the platform is able to handle large number of targets simultaneously, with very low resource requirements. More than 40.000 AIS targets were processed and displayed at the same time, at the server with 4 core processor and 8GB of memory. Unlike other products that change number of targets displayed depending on zoom level, causing that only part of the actual targets is visible in the visible area, KWMS is actually displaying ALL available targets. This can be done thanks to outstanding algorithms and new technology used for visualization and object displaying.We would like to thank Kongsberg Seatex for taking part in testing process and verifying test results.

GeoVS Viewer 3D

GeoVS Viewer 3D , product of SRT MARINE, is  next generation inland and maritime domain visualisation tool, that  provides a unique and powerful perspective of any inland or marine domain, converting information from multiple sensors, such as AIS and RADAR into a real time digital 3D environment that can be manipulated and controlled. GeoVS Viewer 3D enables you to track, monitor, record and analyse traffic, assets (such as Aids to Navigation) or infrastructure.
GeoVS Viewer 3D provides the main interface to the user displaying the 3D rendering of the configured electronic navigational charts, allowing the operator to navigate through the chart. Targets derived from real time AIS and RADAR data are superimposed on the chart and displayed in 3D based on the vessel data and dimensions available from the data source. The 3D display also provides the interface for displaying historical data.
GeoVS Viewer 3D is product of SRT Marine and KENTRON TECHNOLOGIES is partner and authorized representative of SRT MARINE TECHNOLOGY in Romania.


KENTRON TECHNOLOGIES is partner and authorized representative of SRT MARINE TECHNOLOGY in Romania.


Offering broad range of sensors to our clients to measure different parameters in different environments.


Marking, identification, monitoring of infrastructure elements or vehicle identification and tracking .


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